Welcome to the Archivist’s Journal

Hi everyone, and welcome to my blog! If you are visiting us here for the first time, I should warn you that you are in for a special treat. First off, this blog is like no other, as we are going to take you on a journey of reviews for FREE stuff, yes, I said FREE stuff like books, video, music, magazines, software, and stuff, stuff, stuff….! This is going to be like stepping into a garage sale from the past and having the owner tell you, “Go ahead, just take anything you want!” I’m going to find, review, and send you to these items and give you my thoughts on them as I encounter them…or at least tell you how to get them.

You’ll have to use a little imagination when it comes to getting free digital copies of old books. The first thing missing will be the “old book smell” that invades your senses…like when you walk into a used bookstore. Plus, in the digital world, if you are even remotely interested about a topic you can search for it using a search engine rather than browsing and possibly finding something a different book by chance.

You’ll find most of my blogs will focus on ARCHIVE.ORG which is an amazing site (AND I HAVE ZERO AFFILIATION WITH OTHER THAN CONTRIBUTING A SCANNED DOCUMENT OR TWO) although I will be hoping around to different places to share any document I find that is a free download. The ARCHIVE.ORG goal is to digitize all books, and multimedia and have a permanent archive of great things from the past. This includes an international collection as well, which is why you could probably use a guide like me to get you through the maze.

I’ve been thinking about doing this blog ever since I discovered this site. I thought it would be great to share my thoughts about a focused free multimedia product and lead you right to it with a link.

They say when starting a blog, you should write about something you are passionate about. Well, for me, that’s food and travel…but that blog I’m going to do with my fiancé (FUTURE LINK HERE). The second thing is used books (WHICH I AM DRAWN TO LIKE A FLY ON HONEY). You never know what you can find that is no longer available on digital. I also have a KILLER scanner at my house that can scan books at record speed. It’s an HP N6010 Scanjet that is typically used by the US Government but I bought used through Amazon. For software, I use NAPS2 (which stands for Not Another PDF Scanner) and it’s an open-source program which scans based on the profile settings and creates a PDF file that you can edit or crop pages. You can find it here at https://www.naps2.com/ or https://sourceforge.net/projects/naps2/. With this scanner, you can scan duplex (front and back) in one pass saving you time and energy. It’s a fine balance to choose 300 dpi or 600 dpi as the latter increases your scan time by four. That story is for another post though.

So, what can you get from this blog that you can’t find on your own. Well, I’m going to show you a featured book or multimedia product that you probably had no idea existed for free outside of archive.org. I first found out about archive.org through a CNN article that discussed the posting of thousands of MSDOS games, games you had to buy at a premium back in the day, but now posted free for the taking. I explored the site and found treasure upon treasure of stuff that I just had to have. Maybe I was reaching for the past…but that’s besides the point. It’s freaking cool to look back.

While it’s great to look back upon this stuff, you read need a device to read with. So mainly I use my Kindle HD10 tablet where I can download a ton of PDF documents (I also have a 128Gb mini SD card installed for max storage). I’ll talk about that in some future posts.

So please provide feedback if you will, comment where you can and just let me know what you think of my reviews…

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