The Magazine Rack

Holy Christmas! If I didn’t mention something about this collection I would be depriving you of something great. This area is probably one of’s most often visited collections as several popular and well-read magazines have been archived to digital perfection and yours to freely read/download.

At today’s review, there are 100,260 magazines in this collection that people have uploaded or publishers have donated. If you miss the computing days of old (such as learning computer BASIC or early gaming from the 80’s) there is a huge collection of gaming magazines. It’s fun to take a look at what these old systems were selling for back in the day compared to what your money can buy today.

Starlog Magazine has all 428 issues available for you to reminisce. Imagine reading about the filming of the original Star Wars as it was filming or what the cast of the original Star Trek was doing with their lives post-series cancelation.

There was a collection of Omni Magazine there; however, I had read somewhere that the publisher requested these be removed.

As you scan through some of these collections, be forewarned, there are some adult magazines in there as well going back to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. It’s certainly interesting to see how society responded to certain values back then (and all that hairiness).

Fine Cooking Magazine posted 113 issues, which covers mega recipes and ingredients and teaches you how to whip together a fine meal like a pro.

I’ve found issues of the Robb Report and some current yachting magazines as well but these are in private collections and can be found by typing in the search box at the top of the page that ordinarily will not appear in the public collection. It’s almost like Easter Egg hunting!

Just by random search through the collection, I found a collection of old catalogs. A really cool find is the catalog from Cora, which was a big department store in France (I’ve been there during my European travels but this catalog is from the one in Romania). It’s a wine-lover’s paradise there apparently!

Being a native New Yorker, I found this huge collection of New Yorker back issues to look at.

So the bottom line is go explore and see what you can find. You can download them as PDF documents and upload them to your Kindle for offline reading as well…!

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