Writing for Fun and Profit

So, I saw a blog post about one of my favorite independent self-published authors, Stefan Pylarinos who runs a website called Project Life Mastery.  First off, I have nothing to gain by writing this and I have not participated personally in his programs or courses; however, one of his books changed my life forever.  It was a Kindle eBook called K-Money Mastery and details how one could go about self-publishing books through Amazon and make some real money while doing it.

This is a true story, I swear.

So I was reading this eBook in my “THINKING ROOM” AKA, THE bathroom….and an idea hit me.  If I follow what he is saying in this book, maybe I could do this.   I wasn’t broke, but I wanted to make enough money to buy a Disney Vacation Plan and have a condo I could go back to year after year (it was only $7800ish in 2013).

So I was talking to this guy at work about an easy way to lose weight by walking and keeping your heart-rate in the fat burning zone vs. running until you were out of breath.  That short book was called How to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Ridiculously Easy: Even During the Holidays! And earned me a whole $2.38 the first month it was published.  Each month thereafter, I pulled together all these book topic ideas I had culminating in a goal setting book (which I’m currently improving and publishing under a different title).  In all, I brought in close to $15,000 in royalties in the past 3 years (see my author page).  While my sales have slowed down for the past few months, I’m still working on pushing out more titles…because I love it.  I feels good to have a new product out there, something I’ve created.

I design my own book covers too although I wish I had a graphics art background.

So the real reason I’m writing this is because the blog post that I saw mentioning Stefan’s techniques indicated that his information was not truthful and is misleading, since this person took 30 days out of his life to expect big profits.

Stefan’s methods DO work and I am a living example of it.

So if you ever thought about writing your own book and have some great ideas, take a look at Stefan’s book!  I should say books because his 3-volume set is available for the Kindle.

No I am not making royalties off this post, but if it wasn’t for K-Money Mastery, I probably wouldn’t have been prepared to complete my dissertation since taking on this new writing obsession.

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