Think and Grown Rich

My favorite success book of all time is Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.  It was introduced to me many years ago, when I was a young GI and some kid said he was going to become a millionaire because he was reading this one particular book.  Since then, it has become my Cather in the Rye, and for some mysterious reason, I found myself buying this book in multiple copies, and in multiple forms, wherever I found it.  I had it on cassette, several different print versions, and now CD audio.  For some whacky reason, it gives me comfort to have these books around (and yes, I’ve read it cover to cover more times than I can count).  I would give away copies to anyone I met that I felt needed to read it, and the positive message that it carries is my own person theme in life, that anyone with a vision can achieve greatness.

Ultimately, I wrote a book which is the basis of this theme (you can check it out HERE at Amazon).  I sincerely suck at self-promotion though and the main theme of this blog is to share with you Think and Grown Rich.  Alas, I have found a scanned copy in the archive and now you can have your own personal PDF copy right here!

As a matter of fact,’s OPEN LIBRARY has quite a collection of Napolean Hill books that you can borrow for a limited time.  If you’re curious about how this works, according to the website you can borrow up to 5 titles for 2 weeks each, either in-browser or as a PDF or ePub.

Open Library account holders can borrow an eBook from the growing collection of mainly 20th Century titles available now. Each title can be borrowed by one patron at once, and you can read it in a web browser or in Adobe Digital Editions as a PDF or ePub.

The detail page for the Open Library can be found right here.

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