About Me

me-authorHey, here are some not so random facts about me:

I’m a research analyst who specializes in finding human manpower solutions for various Department of Defense agencies (yes, that’s generic and vague enough not to get in trouble at work). I was born and raised in Staten Island, NY before joining the U.S. Air Force, where I completed a 21-year active-duty career in the Manpower and Personnel career field. I have a Ph.D. in Business Administration and did a dissertation on employee work engagement for structured organizations. I wrote and self-published 20 books under a pen name (“how to” products designed to assist people struggling with a variety of difficult issues).

I like helping new and aspiring authors with navigating the complexities of independent publishing. I live on Florida’s Gulf Coast with two kids. I have an amazing fiancé and will be getting married at the top of a mountain in November 2017.

I like old books, specifically, old “how-to” books like business topics or classic self-help success books. They gave me a great deal of hope when I was younger and helping me dream about future success doing big things.

Although I love the beach I also love the Fall and Winter. Why? Because each one brings with it a sense of hope (ie – in the Fall, hope for the snow…Winter…yea, hope for more snow). It’s kind of hard to feel this though, when you live near a beach.